Around Lake Salanfe, alt. 1925m

Duration : 2h45
Length : 9 km
Period : June October
Difficulty : T2
Highest point : 2195 m
Elevation gain : 1040m
Vertical drop : 1040m

This is a beautiful walk, accessible to all, and offering exceptional views of Salanfe, the surrounding peaks, the lake and the dam. The Discovery Trail brochure is on sale at the Inn.

From the Inn, head in the direction of Susanfe pass, taking the former jeep track. Half-way between the inn and the other end of the lake, close to a fountain, you will find the foundations of the old mountain chalets (1) which were flooded when the dam was inaugurated. At the end of the lake, you will discover a spectacular delta (2), with an overhanging glacier known as the Glacier Noir (Black Glacier). From there, head upwards again in the direction of Ottans (3). The trail will bring you Salanfe dam, a gravity dam installed in 1952.

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Auberge de Salanfe
Familly Fabienne et Nicolas Marclay
Case postale 7
CH-1922 Salvan

Phone +41 27 761 14 38
Hors saison +41 24 485 36 18 (privé)

Altitude : 1925 m.

Swiss Grid : 563'830 / 110'460
GPS : 32T 343135 5111859


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